Dienstag, 27. November 2007

SUN, SAND and uhh... SAND!

We're back from our (sniff) final trip around Peru. On wednesday night we traveled north via bus for 8 hours to Trujillo.

Trujillo is the largest town of northern Peru, famous for the preserved colonial buildings, the peruvian horses and Chan-Chan the biggest adobe-brick site of the world.

We arrived exactly right for breakfast and afterwards set off to discover that famous archeological treasure. Laura and I still had Pachacamac in the back of our minds and were a bit uneasy, but were reassured that Chan-Chan was much more impressive and Pachacamac nothing compared to it! Well I believed them, and was slightly dissappointed on arriving at Chan-Chan. I guess for people interested in archeology it's great but for us again it was only a huge amount of sand, surrounded by a few walls. But maybe we are just philistines?!

Afterwards we returned to town to see what else the place offered. Laura and Johannes quickly decided to go sandsurfing and I obviously couldn't leave Trujillo without seeing some of those peruvian horses and their famous walk/dance. So we split up for the afternoon and each had a really good time.
For dinner we went to Huanchaco a small fishing village not far from Trujillo. The restaurant belongs to a dutch couple, who also engage in social work and have their own massage school. The food was great and we could sit looking over the Pacific, so if you are ever in Huanchaco, you must eat at Otra Cosa. We sat on the beach for a while and enjoyed the ocean but unromantic Laura and I were freezing pretty soon so we returned to Trujillo and our beautiful bus stop.

We left for Máncora at around 10 that night, with an "Economico" the only bus we could get and if I had known what to expect I would have searched a little harder for a better one. The ride only cost 30 soles (7 Euros) which of course is cheap but then going by bus is really cheap in this country. It was a horrible trip, Laura and I were stuck in our seats and due to the length of our legs couldn't move one millimeter (9 hours long!) the air was sticky and hot and smelly (peruvians don't like ventilation) and the bus stopped every half an hour to let people in and out which then passed the aisle knocking me out with their bags, and that's how it went the whole night! I was so happy when we finally reached Máncora.
Our hotel made up for that bus ride, such a beautiful place. I mean it already looked pretty cool in the internet, but then don't they all? (www.vivamancora.com/kimbas) The founder must have had a place in Bali in his mind while creating Kimbas, perfect for me, couldn't wait to get into that pool.

First we left for the beach, the weather wasn't that great which was sad but then it was still 8 o'clock in the morning. It started to brighten up around 11 and was still more than enough to give all three of us a sunburn. We celebrated our holiday that evening and due to that I spent the whole next day lying at the pool, enjoying the sun and the cool water and hanging in Laura's hammock, every bungalow has one hammock, so of course it was Laura's ;-) Naturally we were fit enough for a sundowner by the shore that night, our last night in Máncora already!

The next morning we left pretty early for a trip further north, only the three of us and a guide. We drove to Puerto Pizarro and took a boat to a small beach surrounded by mangroves. The boatman showed us different types of shells, for example la concha negra, which shellseekers collect at the roots of the magroves, and crabs. Between the mangroves it was really slippy and muddy and it must have been a great sight, the three of us stalking, wobbling and skidding about and our little guide marching away infront of us. After lunch the boat took us past bird island to the crocodile farm.

The past years the crocodile population suffered due to poaching and that's when this farm was founded to preserve the "Cocodrilos acutos americanos". Before we knew it, it was time to return to Máncora and pack and change and get on the bus. For the 16 hours trip back we luckily had more of a "luxury" version of a bus, sitting in the first row (2nd floor) enjoying the room for our legs and the view and most of all the airconditioning. The 16 hours went pretty fast and I actually slept for a few hours although it's common that they show movies and play salsa at deafening volume!

It was a good trip and before returning to cold Germany nice to enjoy sunshine and beach. At the moment I'm still suffering of a sunburn in the shape of a V (damn flipflops) on my feet, but otherwise Laura and I make a good appearance with a bit of a tan, don't you think?!

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