Montag, 3. September 2007

Back home!!!

We're back in Lima, safe and sound although with a bad cold, both of us :-(
The train ride was the best ever! The landscapes were so fantastic and so diverse, extraordinary!!! It was a bumpy ride though, wouldn't have been suprised if I had had a slipped disc afterwards! Huancayo was fun, we stayed in a cosy little hostel called La Casa de la Abuela and stocked up on the souvenirs!!!

In Las Cochas chica we bought bags full of gourds (calebasses) and on the market of Huancayo some of these traditional blankets the women wear to carry babies, food, beer crates...Laura bought herself another hat, although sadly not the one she is wearing on the pic!

We also took a little walk to Torre Torre, some rock pillars
not far from the hostel but were a little disappointed and lazy
as we are turned around quite soon and returned home for a
cup of coca-tea in the garden of the hostel together with Loro the Lori whose favorite word (I guess his only!) is olá!.
I felt the altitude a bit, wasn't bad but I'm definitely not as fit 3000m above sea level!

We also met some really nice and interesting people, two of which we
spent one whole day with wondering around San Jeronimo
and the Convent of La Ocopa!
Kate and Daniel when you read this, thank you for that note lying in front of our bedroom
door! As you might have heard as we were wall to wall the "bag" did come in handy, wasn't quite expecting it and don't know what came over me!!! Went to bed with a cold and woke up in the
middle of the night with my guts turning inside out! Sorry if I woke you up! Got control back in the morning with a few crackers and a coke! We passed the train at around 6 o'clock in the evening, were a little too far away or we would have waved! The bus ride back home was o.k. except that the tv was pouring away for the whole of those 7 hours, so no catching up on some sleep!
Anyway the trip was worth while, had a great weekend with lots of fun and sunshine and I'll just erase being sick from my memory!
Today we only stayed in the hospital for 4 hours, both of us suffering a bad cold. Laura decided to copy me and fainted in the consultation room! Poor thing, hope we're both fitter tomorrow! She'll probably come up with some more photos and a german blog right behind so stay tuned!
Ah and Kate and Daniel, the 6 Fs are: forty, female, fat, fertile, fair and flatulent dyspepsia...please let us know how Buenos Aires is!!! Greets, Anna!

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