Donnerstag, 23. August 2007

And now in english...

O.k. now for all those non-germans: Lima is a little too big, too loud and too polluted for my taste, but hey I guess I'll get used to it. The other thing I curse every morning is called Garua and is this white/grey fog that hangs over the city every day from morning till evening. It's somehow caused by the Pacific Ocean and will probably stay with us for the next 2 months, hurrah!!! We started work at the Loayza Hospital on monday and I had nothing better to do than faint on my first day in the operation theater!!! Typical me, I would say, but prefer blaiming it on the jet lag and the lack of sleep and .... Well today i managed fine, luckily and that way the Loayza surgeons all had a good laugh for a change.

Our first little sightseeing tour lead us to Pachacamac. These hundreds of years old ruins turned out to be a pile of sand with a few rocks on them, but hey how could we know?! Everyone starts little and now we're bound to improve our tourist qualities! And last but not least I have to mention our iguana, the "little" guy was sitting on our roof the other day, quite an impressing creature, Laura missed him cause she was stuck skyping but then I've got the photo!!! O.k. well I guess I'll keep everyone updated in english from now on, CIAO, Anna!

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