Sonntag, 26. August 2007

Next try!

Ok, well this was our second sunday in Lima, and our second little touristic expedition. We decided to spend our day in Chosica, which is a little town above 800m and that means above Garúa (darn-pacific-mist!). The Lonely Planet said the trip there would take about 1 hour, we took 3!!! Well the sunshine did make up for it!!! Laura thinks we even got a little tan!!! Otherwise Chosica isn't very exciting but it was good spending the day lying in the gras (which I had to inspect for any sign of dog-poop before Laura would get near it ;-)) and relaxing. The trip back was only half as bad, but now that we know different Lima feels even colder and greyer than before!

O.k. people we wanna get some feedback here by the way, good or bad, sad or funny whatever but just pleeeeaaaaaassssse write something!!!

Muchas gracias, ANNA!
(Just had to take a picture of my shadow in Chosica, an almost endangered site here in Lima....)

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Christian hat gesagt…

Schonmal ein freundliches "something" von mir an dieser Stelle - lese interessiert-begeistert zu und stelle fest, dass ich Gießen und Deutschland ganz gut finde.